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Welcome to jrock_50!

About this Community

This is a community for J-rock only. Any J-rock band is fine. They can be disbanded, still playing or whatever; as long as they are Japanese and play rock. ;)


1. You must be a member of this community to claim any band or band member.

2. You do not have to be a spectacular icon maker. Any level is totally fine. Everyone has different tastes and opinions, so don't let something like that stop you from creating and having fun!

3. Your claim can be requested here. Only 1 artist or band may be claimed at 1 time, please.

4. If you choose a band, every icon does NOT have to include every single member. That would be close to impossible wouldn't it? Just try to have an even number of icons distributed amongst the members if possible. You can have, one member, two members, three members....etc. However, you can't claim, for example, Gazette, but then only make Kai icons or Reituki icons. Try for variety, please. ;)

5. You will have a total of 2 months to complete a challenge exactly from the date I accept your comment and post your name beside the artist. This is so others will be given the opportunity to make icons for the same artist and not have to wait too long for them.

6. You will make a total of 50 icons. 25 of them will be from the themes below. The other 25 will be your own choice.

7. You must post at least 5 icons when you update, however, there is no set number of how many more you can post at one time. Complete all 50 at once if you wish. There is also no rule against doing themes before artist choice. Whatever inspires you, icon it. Just remember at least 5 per update.

8. Once you have completed your claim, please reply to the "Completed Challenges" list here.

When Posting:

When posting include:
Challenge's Name/Band:
Number of icons complete:
Themes (this is optional):
Link to credits and Song (song is optional):

And up to 3 icons for preview's sake.

List of Themes

List of themes:
1. Youth
2. Green
3. Rock
4. Live
5. Cold
6. Night
7. Strength
8. Harmony
9. Black and White
10. Lust
11. Peace
12. Filth
13. Rainbow
14. Shadow
15. Red
16. Smooth
17. Passion
18. Beauty
19. Past
20. Charm
21. Charisma
22. Addiction
23. Rancid
24. Complicated
25. Star

This community was created by reila on 2006-07-01 and opened 2007-03-04.